Providing sustainable solutions to energy reliability issues across emerging markets.



Our mission is to deliver energy solutions for productive use by deploying products, services, and systems that power business operations and improve economic outcomes for our clients.


Our Areas Of Focus

We empower our clients through the design, sale, and installation of affordable and reliable, distributed energy systems. Our target verticals include, but are not limited to, healthcare, education, hospitality, agribusiness and micro-businesses that are driving impact and producing positive economic outcomes in their local economies.
  • We leverage local intelligence to optimize resource requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • We build capacity to deliver high-quality solutions with superior customer care services and timely after-sales technical support.
  • We design, develop and deploy market-ready technologies that are scalable, user-friendly, localized and allow our customers to remotely manage their energy assets.


The Big Challenge

One of the biggest challenges we face as an energy company in Nigeria is the intermittency of power, the unreliable national grid and the energy deficit across the value chain. Nigerians have long used diesel generators and have gotten comfortable with it. Anergy intends to solve this by accelerating the adoption of renewable energy solutions. We believe that our success will be based on prioritizing consumer education and providing resources that enable a seamless conversion that will help in creating brand awareness and product adoption.


Key Performance Index

Arnergy is on track to deploy excess of 100 megawatts (MW) installed PV capacity powering more than 35,000 businesses across impact sectors including Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Agri-business by 2023.


Our Business Objectives

In a country expected to be the third most populous country in the world by 2050, Arnergy plans to be at the forefront of economic development through the deployment of our solar solutions to impact businesses across the country. Our business objectives include:
  • To reduce energy poverty from the bottom to the top of the pyramid
  • To create jobs in the renewable energy sector and across the businesses that we serve
  • To improve the quality of life metrics for our clients by providing cleaner air and reducing health hazards
  • To improve economic outcomes by reducing OPEX costs that threaten the sustainability of SMEs


Our Impact

We improve businesses and economic outcomes by emphasizing on reliable energy for productive use and reducing OPEX costs that threaten the sustainability of our target business clusters. We have perfected our role as a distributed utility by reducing pressure on the national grid and allowing local grid activity to serve industrial zones and public good thus stimulating economic growth.
  • Reducing carbon emission and pollution in the regions we serve.
  • Reducing energy poverty from the bottom to the top of the pyramid.
  • Making SMEs run profitably with flexible payment for energy services.


Our Priorities

  • We build capacities to deliver high quality driven installation, responsive customer experience contact center and result-driven after-sales technical support.
  • We don’t just sell equipment, we partner and build a relationship with our clients to give a new experience of uninterrupted clean electricity in Nigeria.
  • Develop our software infrastructure to be scalable and user-friendly, allowing our customers to monitor and take control of their energy needs on the go.